News Update!

The first day of summer, June 21st, is rapidly approaching and we would like to update our shareholders on some of the issues addressed this spring.

The dredging in Loggers Creek and clean up have been completed.  The upper and lower laterals have been cleaned out.  Brush and trash have been removed and trees trimmed.  The Watermaster, John, and Associate Watermaster, Allen, have been working to ensure the water is flowing well for this irrigation season.

Your Board members have been working with the Ada County Highway District to continue water deliveries through Loggers Creek into the future. One of the “hot topics” is the construction of the East ParkCenter Bridge, which will span Loggers Creek. This project is presently at the stage of reviewing the “75% complete” design drawings and SBWCo has submitted its comments on the design. The construction period is presently scheduled for a year from now, summer 2008. However, there remain some significant details to be worked out, not the least of which is the impact of the new, higher cost, construction estimate. From SBWCo’s perspective, the most significant short-term impact is that we will be unable to deliver water through the construction site during the construction period because the canal will have to be drained to construct the bridge foundations. We will revert to the old Boise River diversion (which we tested this spring and found to be workable) during the construction period. This will have some impacts on shareholders who reside between the Chatburn Weir and the old Chronic Dam. Of these, only Bown Crossing uses South Boise’s water for irrigation. Portions of Spring Meadow receive amenity water in this section of Logger’s Creek but none irrigate from it at this time.  It is difficult right now to fully evaluate the effect of this temporary change because the construction schedule and the duration of the non-availability of upper Logger’s Creek are presently unknown. We will keep you informed as more information becomes available.

Written by:

Dave O'Day


Assessments were mailed the last week of April.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the shareholder’s who have paid their assessments so promptly.


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Spring 2008 - East Parkcenter Bridge