2008 Summer - Construction of the Sand Trap

Sand Trap Construction/East Parkcenter Bridge

After many years of planning, the South Boise Water Company is diligently moving ahead with plans and permits for the construction of a sand trap at the entrance to Logger's Creek. The work is being coordinated with ACHD's new East ParkCenter Bridge, where most of the soil excavated from the sand trap will be used, so congestion should be expected in the vicinity of Bown Crossing and ParkCenter Boulevard beginning this spring. We expect to excavate about 4000 cubic yards of soil to construct the sand trap. Construction is planned for the annual maintenance shutdown in March, just before irrigation season begins.

The planning and permitting has been coordinated also with the City of Boise Department of Parks and Recreation, which owns the land on which the sand trap will be constructed. Permitting is now in progress with the City of Boise Department of Public Works and Planning & Development Services, as well as the US Army Corps of Engineers, Idaho Department of Water Resources and others. Engineering and design is being performed by Quadrant Consultants of Boise for the Company.

The purpose of constructing the sand trap is to provide a suitable location to remove sand from the flow in Logger's Creek to facilitate and reduce the cost of maintenance of the Company's canal system. We hope to have it operational by the start of irrigation season in the middle of April.

Construction of East ParkCenter Bridge by ACHD's contractor is expected to commence in May of 2007; its total duration is unknown until a contractor is selected and that contractor submits its detailed construction schedule. Once constructed, the new bridge will provide access to the north side of the Boise River and will connect with Warm Springs Avenue west of Harris Ranch.

Please be patient and understand that there you may be inconvenienced if you travel near the construction site, including along the Greenbelt in this area. Please avoid these areas if you can during the construction period.

Written by:

Dave O'Day

Google Sandtrap
This is a Google map of the sand trap area.
These pictures show the area before the sand trap.


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