SBWC Sand Trap Construction Update                      

Construction of the sand settling basin (sand trap) by the South Boise Water Company and its contractors has now been completed. The site has been revegetated, but this will likely take some time to become re-established to everyone's satisfaction. A plastic safety fence was left in place for several months after completion to protect the area from pedestrian traffic, but this fence has now been removed. SBWC will maintain the revegetated area through two growing seasons, after which it will revert to the Boise Department of Parks and Recreation, which manages the Boise River Greenbelt.

Construction of the East ParkCenter Bridge by the Ada County Highway District and its contractor, McAlvain Construction, has begun. As part of that process, the greenbelt has been closed for the protection of the public, so the area re-vegetated by SBWC will be protected by these measures. At present, McAlvain is driving bridge foundation piles on the north (Harris Ranch) side of the Boise River and is also installing dewatering equipment on the south side. The latter is required to allow them to begin constructing the bridge over Logger's Creek. This bridge will look more like a tunnel through the fill up to the bridge itself. The "tunnel" will be 36 feet wide and 160 feet long, and will be supported by driven steel piles similar to those currently being installed on the north side of the river.

Throughout the construction process, ACHD and its contractor are responsible for continued delivery of irrigation and amenity water to Bown Crossing. SBWC is collaborating with ACHD to facilitate the construction effort, but responsibility for the effects of the bridge construction on the shareholders of SBWC rests with ACHD and its contractor. Nevertheless, if there are any questions about what is transpiring with the bridge construction, please contact our Watermaster, John Porter, who may be able to answer your questions or obtain the answer for you, or submit them to this website.

Any construction is, by its nature, potentially dangerous, especially for those not familiar with the risks associated with heavy equipment and its operation. Construction of the East ParkCenter Bridge is no exception. The public is asked to remain away from the construction area and to observe all warning and detour signage. SBWC will endeavor to keep its shareholders and other visitors to this website informed of the activities and progress of the bridge construction.

Written by: Dave O'Day

July 26, 2008

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