P.O. Box 6005, Boise, Idaho 83707
South Boise Water Company
Irrigation season is from April 15 to October 15.


Title companies and those seeking assessment information please call Evelyn at (208) 891-0980 or email webmaster@southboisewater.com

If you are looking to speak to someone about water please call our Watermaster, Mike Harrison at (208) 447-8600.

(Please do not discard lawn or other debri in the waterway!)

Board Members & Staff

Dustin Mortimer, President
Barry Eschen, Vice President
Evelyn Holder, Secretary
Emmett Brollier, Treasurer
Mike Harrison, Watermaster
Bill Lloyd, Board Member
Gabriel Bishop, Board Member
John Roldan, Board Member

Advisory Members
Steve Sweet
(In honor of Ace Chatburn)

At-Large Members
Bruce Otto