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Irrigation season is from April 15 to October 15.


































Irrigation Shares  

Purchase new or additional shares for any reason.  After payment is made certificate is issued and water can be utilized.

Purchase Shares Form

Transfer share(s) from the current property owner(s) to the new owner(s). There is a five dollar difference in the fee. A $20 fee if the current owner has a certificate to return to SBWC or a $25 fee if there is no certificate to return.

Transfer Shares Form

Surrender any portion of share ownership.  After certficiate is returned a new certificate will be issued for the decreased number of shares unless it is a complete surrender.

Surrender Shares Form

The formula for calculating the number of shares required for irrigation use and annual assessment are determined by the acreage declared by the Ada County Assessor's Office. For each one-half or .5 acres it is desired the property owner purchases one share. The annual assessment for each share is $89 per year. The annual assessment notices is sent out in March each year.


Amenity Shares


These shares are for non-irrigation (non-consumptive) uses such as ponds and waterways. They are issued at the rate of 1 (one) share per 1/6 (one-sixth) acre of open water plus unirrigated land within 25 feet of the water’s edge at its normal operating level, or fraction thereof. If the Amenity Shareholder also holds irrigation shares for the land surrounding the open water, the area used to determine the number of shares required shall be that of the open water only. Water shall be delivered on a year-round basis when feasible, based on the SBWC delivery system, constraints on the Company’s water rights and directives of the Board and regulatory authorities. Prospective Amenity Shareholders who do not own Irrigation Shares may purchase a single amenity share for small water features, regardless of the total property area. Irrigation Shareholders may use SBWC water for water features with de minimis flow rates without an amenity share. For these purposes, “de minimis” flow rates shall be less than 25 gallons per minute, irrespective of whether they are recirculating or once-through flows.  Water features that use water only during the irrigation season and that are located on parcels that hold irrigation shares do not require amenity shares in addition to irrigation shares.

Purchase Amenity Shares

Mitigation Shares


Mitigation shares will be sold to serve land or bodies of water outside the company service area.  In each case such shares will be linked to a specific right and a portion of that right changed from irrigation to mitigation. 

If you are interested in mitigation shares or would like more information please email webmaster@southboisewater.com
Forms and instructions for water flow modification  
Amenity flow modification form Amenity form - pdf
Amenity flow modification instructions Amenity instructions - pdf
Irrigation flow modification form Irrigation form - pdf
Irrigation flow modification instructions Irrigation instructions - pdf
Read about SBWC's new policy concerning water flow modifications. Click here for article.