P.O. Box 6005, Boise, Idaho 83707
South Boise Water Company
Irrigation season is from April 15 to October 15.

We will be shutting down the flow in the Mill ditch starting today, February 13th.  It will be shut down until the start of the season, April 15th.
The drawdown of Larkey will start the middle of March.


Welcome to South Boise Water Company

South Boise Water Co. is a non-profit mutual ditch company.  Individuals purchase shares which allow them to divert water from the company system, as long as they pay their yearly assessments.  The company is not an irrigation district, so it does not have the authority to tax.  People join the company voluntarily.

South Boise Water generally serves the area between Boise Avenue and the Boise River.  South Boise Mutual Water Co. generally serves the area south of Boise Avenue.  South Boise has senior water rights going back as far as 1865 to divert up to 13.6 cfs of irrigation water and 40 cfs of wildlife and esthetic water from the Boise River.  In addition the Company has 720 acre feet of storage space in Lucky Peak Reservoir.  The main waterways of the company are Loggers Creek and the Rossi Mill Ditch.  

Purchasing a share does not give a person a water right,but gives them an interest in the company which holds the water rights.  Each share carries the same assessment and one vote in any meeting of shareholders.  For irrigation, one share is required for each half acre in the parcel, even if only part of the parcel is irrigated.

The Company is governed by a Board of five people, elected to two-year staggered terms.  In addition there are non-voting At-large and Advisory Members elected for their expertise.

The Company’s water was mainly used for manufacturing and irrigation for the first 50 years.  Manufacturing included a flour mill, a saw mill, a distillery, an ice supply, and electrical power generation.  All manufacturing ceased by 1915.  The Company was founded in 1917 by irrigators who wanted to own the entire system, rather than pay the owners of the Rossi Mill Ditch.  After legal challenges over several years, in 1951 the Company purchased the ditch and now owns the entire system.  Shareholders include many individuals, Boise State University, Boise City Parks, several homeowner associations, and several apartment complexes.  Water is used for irrigation, esthetics and wildlife.

The Company is responsible for maintaining the ditch system.  However, under Idaho law, if a property owner decides to pipe a ditch the property owner is responsible for the maintenance.  Permission of the company is required to change the course of any ditch.  Special permission is required for any activity that slows the water flow.